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December 2014
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A presentation by Marty Pottenger 

Arts projects that focus on engagement and collaboration outside the arts sector are sometimes the most successful, but are often the most difficult to complete successfully. A practitioner’s seasoned perspective on creating work that engages and transforms communities, we will learn about projects with New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection/Local 147 Sandhog’s Union, a city-wide gathering at Union Square four days after 9/11, and a national arts project with 30 minimum wage workers and 30 multi-millionaires. Presentation will also include Art At Work is a national initiative to improve municipal government and the communities they serve through strategic arts projects with municipal employees, elected officials, residents and artists. Creative Placemaking with people at the center, AAW strengthens community resilience and generates cultural, civic and economic vibrancy by engaging people in making and experiencing art that matters.

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While it's great to attend a conference and hear from all the experts from within your field, it can be even more useful to hear from experts who work in other fields. At The Art of Placemaking conference we invited Jed Pearsall, founder and president of Performance Research, a global leader in marketing and sponsorship research for Fortune 50 brands, to share his experiences in working with companies who sponsor the Arts. Performance Research's mission is to help clients capture and measure the value of sponsorship and experiential marketing and reveal the essential truth about the impact.

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Sarah Lee, Vice President for Arts & Culture, Slover Linett Audience Research
Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director, Levitt Pavillions

Placemaking begins and ends with people. While current creative placemaking vibrancy indicators focus primarily on economic impact, we believe there's more to the story: social impact.

Join Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director of Levitt Pavilions, and Sarah Lee, Vice President for Arts & Culture at Slover Linett Audience Research, to learn about how they are working together to develop tools and methodologies to measure the social impact of creative placemaking projects, using Levitt Pavilions as a case study.

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When you ask Mayors or community organizers what their biggest challenge is, often they say "helping people believe that change is possible." This session will use the Irrigate project in St.Paul, Minnesota as a case study to share how many small, locally-grown, creative placemaking projects can contribute to a change in neighborhood narrative and lead to greater agency and equity in the community.

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Rhode Islanders know they can count on Sheldon Whitehouse to fight for the middle-class values that matter most to us. Sheldon believes that every child deserves the opportunities provided by a good education, and that anyone willing to work hard should be able to find a good job. He believes in the promise of Social Security and Medicare to provide a basic measure of dignity for seniors when they retire.

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Liz Crane, Director of Partnerships and Special Projects, ArtPlace America
Kimberly Driggins, Associate Director, Citywide Planning Division Office of Planning Government of District of Columbia
Lori Lobenstine, Youth Action Lead, Design Studio for Social Intervention
Max MacCarthy, Executive Director, Upham's Corner Main Street

ArtPlace America was formed three years ago as a collaboration of foundations, federal agencies, and banks to accelerate the creative placemaking movement. This session will explore lessons and ideas captured in that time and also provide an update on ArtPlace America and where we think the movement is headed. Lyz Crane of ArtPlace America will be joined by representatives from two grantee projects sharing their own ideas and experiences with the initiative: Kimberly Driggins from the Office of Planning of the District of Columbia discussing the Arts & Culture Temporiums project; and Lori Lobenstine from the Design Studio for Social Intervention and Max MacCarthy from the Upham's Corner Main Street discussing work in Upham's Corner, Boston.

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Maria Rosario Jackson is senior adviser to the Arts and Culture Program at The Kresge Foundation and adjunct faculty at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, Calif.

In 2013, President Obama appointed Maria to the National Council on the Arts. She serves on the advisory board of the Lambent Foundation and on boards of directors of the National Performance Network and the Alliance for California Traditional Arts.

As a researcher, writer, speaker, and advocate, Anne Gadwa Nicodemus tells stories through narratives and numbers. Her favorite muse is creative placemaking.  She’s fascinated by all kinds of places—their form, their people, their change. A choreographer/arts administrator turned urban planner, Nicodemus is a leading voice in the intersection of arts and community development.

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